Recently we were commissioned to produce ten illustrations for a new book by writer, Elizabeth Dale,  for Ransom Publishing. Her book, “I’m coming to get you” is part of the new ‘Rising Stars Plus’ series.

Stephen Rickard, the series consultant for Ransom, had spotted some of the sample illustrations on Douglas’s AOI (Association of Illustrators) portfolio page and thought they would be a good fit for this book.

The project was required with a fairly quick turnaround (two weeks!), the text and layout was all in place and just need the illys to complete the book.
From Stephen’s brief Douglas produced a series of ‘pencil’ scamps to get the main character Dan developed and each scene that needed to be set. The whole project was drawn digitally so the ‘pencil’ used was a graphic pen and the ‘paper’ was Douglas’s Wacom Cintiq tablet.
The chosen software for the initial sketches was done using Sketchbook pro and the final vector illys drawn in Adobe Illustrator CC.

The project went through in quick time and was on course for publishing in June 2017.